This is Hexagram

We power the technology and process that empowers publishers to engineer growth and profit

Hexagram started as a technology that provided a single buying point for all the major content distribution networks, and has evolved into a holistic publisher trading platform, that propels the trajectory of publishing businesses to the next level.

Step 1

Hexagram uses social listening tools to identify trends before they go viral which inform our editorial team to create content in response to these trends.

Step 2

Through extensive A/B testing of different images and headlines for content pieces, the highest performing combination is selected.

Step 3

This content is then distributed across a range of channels including Facebook, Outbrain, Yahoo!, and social influencers.

Step 4

The content goes viral and is packaged in a way that maximizes the revenue per user.

Fueling online conversations that catch fire.

Line – Social Listening

Hexagram’s social listening tool identifies trends before they go viral. We enable editorial teams to engineer content that spreads like wildfire.

Triangle — Creative Optimizer

Triangle allows media buying teams to extract every single image in an article and add multiple headlines, so that each variant can be A/B tested across all native advertising platforms. The result is creating hundreds of creatives in less than a minute. The highest performing combination is then selected on each platform with minimal wastage. We compress cost and maximize scale.

Circle — Campaign creation & management

Circle allows media buying teams to rapidly deploy campaigns across multiple native ad networks. One circle account enables individual pieces of content to reach over 200,000 publishers. No need to buy anywhere else.

Crescent — Layout & Yield Optimizer

Crescent allows you to test different page layouts and monetization partners to identify the highest yielding combination of content, distribution channel, and page design. The end result is unparalleled accuracy and iteration speed.

PrismConsolidated Revenue and Cost Reporting

Prism collects data from all revenue sources and breaks the revenue down to individual campaigns. Cost data for campaigns is matched side by side, making it simple to adjust for scale and ROI.

Coded to achieve highest possible ROI

Are you ready to learn more?

Our Brands covers a mix of fun, viral, and entertaining news/facts content.

Occasionally, Scribol’s content touches on other categories like celebrity, movies, sports, auto, food, and health. We’ve seen first hand the performance of content from those verticals on

Given that performance, we believe that we will be able to apply our traffic acquisition & content creation formula to those verticals as dedicated sites and scale them rapidly.

We’ve built our tech infrastructure to allow us to deploy new sites rapidly but only maintain a single code base on the back end.